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Directly to the registration:

On this site you can register for laboratory as well as for internet experiments. In order to participate in experiments, it is necessary that you register first. Once you are registered, you will receive e-mails with invitations to upcoming experiments. These emails contain a link that you can use to register for the respective experiment. You can then decide whether you would like to participate in the experiment and on which date. Participation in experiments is voluntary. Payment is dependent on the duration of the experiment and, in part, on the decisions made in the experiment.

We have established rules for participating and conducting experiments, which we inform you about below:

  1. For each of our experiments we send e-mail invitations to a certain amount of registered persons. Only invited persons are eligible to participate in the experiment.
  2. After receiving an e-mail invitation for an experiment, the participants must actively sign up in order to be registered for this experiment. This answer is a binding commitment to participate in this experiment.
  3. More participants than required can register for each experiment. Those who show up in the lab first will take part in the experiment. If you have registered and are present on time, but are unable to participate due to capacity limits or other reasons, you will be compensated for your appearance.
  4. To ensure that only invited and properly registered persons participate in the experiment, each participant has to be identified (via official document with photo). If you cannot proof identity, you will not receive any compensation for his or her appearance. You may also not be able to participate in the experiment.
  5. Participants are usually paid in cash. The amount paid will be communicated in advance. It may depend on your own decisions/performance and the decisions/performance of others participating.
  6. During an experiment, each participant must abide by set rules. These rules will be explained by the experimenters prior to the experiment.
  7. In order not to jeopardize the smooth running of our experiments, individuals may be excluded from experiments who register multiple times in the recruitment system or do not show up/show up late to an experiment despite having agreed to participate.

By signing up for laboratory experiments, you agree to the following statements:

  1. I have been informed that a registration for an experiment obligates me to participate. A cancellation is only possible in exceptional and justified cases. In this case, I must immediately notify the lab of my non-participation via email to experimente@wirtschaft.uni-giessen.de.
  2. My non-attendance or my late arrival for an experiment I have registered for may result in the cancellation of the whole experiment.
  3. For each no-show after registering for an experiment, my personal account receives a minus point. If my account has a minus point, I will be invited to further experiments less often. As soon as my account shows two minus points, I usually will not be invited to future experiments.

Please also have a look at our privacy policy.

How to get to the experiments

Our offline experiments take place either in the DecIS-Lab (Licher Straße 74, ground floor) or in the FB02 experiment room (Licher Straße 62, 2nd floor). We indicate the respective location in our invitations.

... via public transport

  1. Take the train to "Giessen Hauptbahnhof"
  2. With the "Stadtbus Linie 2" towards "Eichendorfring" exit at the "Lutherberg" bus stop
  3. From there, it is only about 50 meters to the campus entrance

... via car

  1. You take the highway A45 / B49 or A5 to Giessen
  2. Leave the highway and take the A485 (Giessener Ring) road
  3. Leave the A485 road at "Licher Strasse"
  4. After about 1.5 kilometers you reach the campus entrance
  5. A parking lot is direcly on the campus.

We are looking forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant journey!

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